• Peacocks :: 1683
  • Artist: Melchior d'Hondecoeter, Dutch
  • Repository: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
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  • There are different requirements for each fellowship.
    History of Art: Institutional Fellowships: candidates must be nominated by their academic department.
    Conservation Fellowships: applications must be submitted by the museum or conservation research facility that will host the fellowship.
    Interpretive Fellowships at Art Museums: applications must be submitted by the museum that will host the fellowship.
  • For theConservation Fellowships and Interpretive Fellowships at Art Museums, each institution may have only one nominee for each fellowship except in instances in which a fellowship is expressly conceived as a paired fellowship.
    For History of Art: Institutional Fellowships, each university is limited to two (2) nominees per academic department. The nominees must be applying for different research centers.


  • Yes.

    The Kress Foundation views its support of art history publishing as a key component of our grant programs and the Foundation has been evaluating its approach to publication subventions in order to feel confident that the support we provide for publishing in art history has the greatest possible impact on the field; that we are supporting the most worthy publication projects in European art history; that we are serving, as equitably as possible, the entire range of fields (from antiquity to the early modern era) about which we care; that our support is being offered with transparency and across a level playing field with respect to the relevant publishers and prospective authors; and that the proposals we receive are being assessed as judiciously and in as well-informed a way as possible.  With these goals in mind, the Foundation is currently seeking to establish ongoing partnerships with key scholarly organizations that will be sustainable over time, through which these organizations, themselves recipients of Kress funding, will administer our support for art history publishing in their key areas of interest, soliciting and assessing applications, and making appropriate awards.

    As we begin to forge these relationships and to restructure our support for art history publishing, the Foundation will itself continue to accept applications for publications the scope of which fall outside the areas being supported in this way.  Currently, the Foundation has partnerships in place with the International Center of Medieval Art and the Renaissance Society of America, and the Archaeological Institute of America.

  • No. Presently the Kress Foundation only accepts applications in printed form. But you are welcome to share drafts with us via email in advance of the deadline.
  • We can only award grants to American organizations that are registered as non-profits with the Internal Revenue Service. International applicants must identify a U.S. non-profit as the financial agent for their proposal, and provide a copy of that organization’s IRS Determination Letter to confirm its 501(c) 3 status. The Foundation does not pay grants directly to individuals.




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