• Adoration of the Magi :: c.1340
  • Artist: Master of the Blessed Clare of Rimini, Italian
  • Repository: Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
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Monday, June 18, 2018

Changes to the Foundation’s Grants and Fellowships Application Process, Effective November 1, 2018

Beginning on November 1, 2018, the Foundation will adopt a widely-used online grants management system (Fluxx). Henceforth, all grant and fellowship applications will take place via Kress’s new online portal. This new online system will allow the Foundation and our current and prospective grantees to manage the entire application and grant-making process online at every stage, from an initial expression of interest to proposal submission and review, and from scheduling payments to completing interim and final reports.

Simultaneously, we will implement a new Letter of Inquiry (LOI) step for all potential grant applications. The LOI will require a brief summary of the proposed project, along with the total project budget and the amount that would be sought from the Foundation. The LOI will be due one month in advance of a given grant deadline. If the LOI is accepted, approximately seven (7) business days after the LOI deadline, the applicant will be invited to submit a full application. Please note that the LOI process will only be required for grant applications, not for any fellowship applications (History of Art Institutional Fellowship, Interpretive Fellowships in Art Museums, and Conservation Fellowships). A successful LOI submission does not guarantee grant funding from the Foundation.

We anticipate launching our grantmaking portal on November 1, 2018, with our Historyof Art Institutional Fellowship applications being the first submissions in the new system. Our website will be updated to reflect this change in the fall. 

Please note that the application process for our October 1, 2018 deadline for the Historyof Art, Conservation and Digital Resources programs will remain unchanged, with no LOI requirement and submission of all materials in both paper and PDF (via email) to the Foundation. 

We believe the adoption of our online portal will both streamline and simplify the application and grantmaking processes for current and prospective grantees as well as for Foundation staff. And we look forward to sharing more information about these changes in the coming months. Please check back for updates!


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