• Cleopatra :: 1524-1526
  • Artist: Giampietrino (Giovanni Padrino), Italian
  • Repository: Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
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The Campus Art Museum:
A Qualitative Study


October 2012
Corrine Glesne

The current global recession has demonstrated how vulnerable campus museums can be in times of economic turmoil. Brandeis University caused a firestorm with its announced plan to close its Rose Art Museum and sell the museum’s collections, and soon it became clear that other campus museums were – or could be – similarly at risk. As part of the response to this and other troubling developments, the Kress Foundation sponsored a qualitative study of “the campus art museum.” The sponsored study is intended to enhance our understanding of the manifold contributions campus art museums can make to their host institutions and host cities.

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This study is also available in book form from MuseumEtc under the title The Exemplary Museum: Art and Academia.


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Corrine Glesne

Corrine Glesne is a qualitative researcher, educational anthropologist, and author of the text, Becoming Qualitative Researchers. She is professor emeritus at the University of Vermont where she taught for 17 years. Currently, she lives in Asheville, NC and does independent research, including work with international educational programs.

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