• Cleopatra :: 1524-1526
  • Artist: Giampietrino (Giovanni Padrino), Italian
  • Repository: Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
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Analysis of Trends in Art History Publishing from University Presses


June 2010
Henry Pisciotta and James Frost

How has the study of the history of art and architecture changed in recent years? Have some specialties flourished and others withered? Quantitative answers to these questions might take many forms (courses offered, dissertations written, articles published, etc.) This study began with the intention of providing a partial answer, insofar as the book production of university presses might be one potential view of trends in the scholarship of art and art history. This study concentrated on that one measure: the publication of books on art and architecture by university presses and how they have changed over a 17-year period.

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Henry Pisciotta

Henry Pisciotta is Arts and Architecture Librarian at Pennsylvania State University and has held similar positions at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Minnesota. His assessment studies have included coordination of Penn State's Visual Image User Study and design of a collection assessment program at Carnegie Mellon University.


James Frost has performed the statistical analyses for a variety of research projects at the Pennsylvania State University. The projects have ranged from biomechanical studies to the Visual Image User Study. He currently works at Minitab, the statistical software company.

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