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General Information

STITAH focuses on providing a general introduction to the technical study of works of art to art history faculty, as well as paired science and art history faculty. Activities range from lecture style presentations, close viewing of works of art, hands-on exercises, gallery/museum visits and more. Each summer addresses a different topic within this wider concern and lecturers for the course include conservators, conservation scientists, curators and art historians. There is a competitive application process, which is announced when the course location and dates are set.

Is it for you?

Full-time art history faculty at North American colleges and universities are eligible to apply. No background in science or conservation is required. Consideration will be given to dual applications from an art history professor and a science professor who teach collaboratively at the same institution. No more than fifteen faculty members will be admitted to the program, and applicants will be evaluated based largely on their expressed commitment to integrating technical art history into their own teaching curricula.

For more information on the application process, please visit How to Apply

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