• Saint Lucy :: c.1473-1474
  • Artist: Francesco del Cossa, Italian
  • Repository: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
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The Kress Collection encompasses more than 3,000 works of European art, and is distinguished for its abundance of Italian Renaissance paintings. The Collection was donated to scores of regional and academic art museums throughout the United States between 1929 and 1961, with the single largest donation reserved for the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

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Raffaellino del Garbo (called Raffaellino dei Carli and Raffaele dei Capponi)
Bernardo Rantvic
Raphael, follower of
Raphael, follower of
Hans Reinhart the Elder
Circle of Rembrandt van Rijn
Rembrandt van Rijn, after
Rembrandt van Rijn, workshop of
Guido Reni
Guido Reni, school of
Niccolò Renieri (Nicolas Régnier)
Retascón Master
Pierre Reymond
Jusepe de Ribera
Jusepe de Ribera, attributed to
Jusepe de Ribera, circle of
Marco and Sebastiano Ricci
Sebastiano Ricci
Andrea Riccio
Andrea Riccio, after
Andrea Riccio, attributed to
Andrea Riccio, follower of
Andrea Riccio, workshop of
Tilman Riemenschneider
Tilman Riemenschneider, workshop of
Tilman Riemenschneider, workshop of (Master of the Bibra Annunciation, previously attributed to)
Hyacinthe Rigaud
Francesco Righetti, attributed to
Riminese School
Rinaldo da Siena
Andrea della Robbia
Andrea della Robbia, attributed to
Della Robbia, workshop of
Florentine School
Giovanni della Robbia
Giovanni di Andrea della Robbia, attributed to
Giovanni di Andrea della Robbia, attributed to (Santi Buglioni (Santi di Michele di Santi), previously attributed to the manner of)
Luca della Robbia
Luca della Robbia, workshop of
Hubert Robert
Hubert Robert, attributed to
Hubert Robert, circle of
Hubert Robert, style of
Ercole de' Roberti
Michele Rocca
Roman 15th Century
Roman 15th Century, after the Antique
Roman 15th or 16th Century, after the Antique
Roman 16th Century
Roman 18th/19th Century
Roman 1st Century B.C./1st Century A.D.
Roman 1st or 2nd Century
Gasparo Romanelli
Girolamo Romanino
Girolamo Romanino, attributed to
Antoniazzo Romano
Antoniazzo Romano, follower of
Giancristoforo Romano
Giancristoforo Romano, circle of
Giancristoforo Romano, style of
Salvator Rosa
Salvator Rosa, attributed to
Cosimo Rosselli
Antonio Rossellino
Antonio Rossellino, after
Giovanni Antonio de' Rossi
Rosso Fiorentino
Pietro Rotari
Peter Paul Rubens
Peter Paul Rubens, workshop of
Giovanni Francesco Ruberti
Jacob van Ruisdael
Jacob van Ruisdael
Alfonso Ruspagiari
Russian 16th Century
Giovanni Francesco Rustici
Salomon van Ruysdael
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