• Saint Lucy :: c.1473-1474
  • Artist: Francesco del Cossa, Italian
  • Repository: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
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The Kress Collection encompasses more than 3,000 works of European art, and is distinguished for its abundance of Italian Renaissance paintings. The Collection was donated to scores of regional and academic art museums throughout the United States between 1929 and 1961, with the single largest donation reserved for the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

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Girolamo da Carpi

ViewArtistArtistTitleK No.SchoolDateRepository
28768Girolamo da Carpi (Girolamo Sellari)Girolamo da Carpi (Girolamo Sellari)Portrait of a ManK-1436Italian1534-36Seattle Art Museum1972418496SeattleWAkress_1436_post_as_8b_srgb.jpg8DtZYyMmJloyLyw5ej1%2FRnspseattleEarl Wemyss, Gosford House, Longniddry, Scotland. [1]  (Wildenstein & Co., New York) by 1931; [2] sold to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation on 30 October 1947; gift 1961 to the Seattle Art Museum, n. 61.164. [1] Probably Hugo Richard Charteris, 11th earl of Wemyss [1857-1937] who sold other pictures from the family collection via Wildenstein and other New York dealers in the late 1920s. [2] Lent to the exhibition of Italian Old Masters and German Primitives, Art Gallery, Toronto, January 1931, no. 23 in catalogue, as Romanino.
29588Girolamo da Carpi (Girolamo Sellari)Girolamo da Carpi (Girolamo Sellari)The Apparition of the VirginK-1113Ferrarese1530/1540National Gallery of Art1972418466WashingtonDCa00037b8.jpg8D5JcisyMyMlLDQ0Y1N7R3sqXnktfF5%2Fnga
27490Girolamo da Carpi (Girolamo Sellari), attributed toGirolamo da Carpi (Girolamo Sellari), attributed toRuggiero Saving AngelicaK-1202Italiann.a.El Paso Museum of Art1972618398El Paso TXkress_1202.jpg8DtZYyMmJloyLyw7eDt5QHInelpaso(Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi, [1878-1955], Rome-Florence); sold to Samuel H. Kress [1863-1955] on 1 September 1939 as Girolamo da Carpi; gift to El Paso Museum of Art in 1961, no. 1961.1.23. 
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