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Apollo Pursuing Daphne IIIF Get a closer view of this artwork
Apollo Pursuing Daphne (c. 1755/1760)
Apollo Pursuing Daphne (c. 1755/1760)
Public Domain
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Artist Dates
Artist Nationality
Apollo Pursuing Daphne
c. 1755/1760
oil on canvas
68.5 x 87 cm (26 15/16 x 34 1/4 in)
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National Gallery of Art
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Friedrich Jakob Gsell, Vienna, after 1849; (his sale, held by Georg Plach at the Künstlerhaus, Vienna, 14 March 1872, no 506b). [1] M. de Villars, Paris; (his sale, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, 1 May 1874, no. 85). Édouard Kann, Paris. [2] Mme D[elaney]; (her sale, Galerie Jean Charpentier, Paris, 9 June 1933, no. 28); purchased by (Fort). [3] Pierre Lauth, Paris. [4] (sale, Galerie Charpentier, Paris, 23 May 1950, no. 28). [5] (Rosenberg and Stiebel, New York); purchased 1950 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; [6] gift 1952 to NGA. [1] In his introduction to the sale catalogue, Plach explained that Gsell began collecting pictures in 1849 and made his first large purchase at the sale of Baron Samuel von Festetits, Artaria, Vienna, 11 April, 2 May and following, 1850. The painting does not appear in the Festetits catalogue, which was checked by Elspeth Hector, head of the library at the National Gallery in London. [2] According to _Paintings and Sculpture from the Kress Collection, Acquired by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation 1945-1951_, Washington, D.C., 1951: 158. [3] The sale catalogue identifies the painting as "appartenant à Mme D." Kress 1951: 158, lists a Mme Delaney as the next owner after Kann. A marginal notation in the Knoedler Microfiche copy of the catalogue gives the purchaser as Fort, apparently a dealer. [4] Lauth's ownership is recorded only in Kress 1951: 158. He may have been the seller in the subsequent sale. [5] Fern Rusk Shapley, _Paintings from the Samuel H. Kress Collection: Italian Schools XVI-XVIII Century_, London, 1973: 149, and Fern Rusk Shapley, _Catalogue of Italian Paintings_, 2 vols., Washington, D.C., 1979: 1:449, misidentified the owner as M.G., who included only porcelain in this sale. [6] According to Kress 1951: 158, Shapley 1973: 149, and Shapley 1979: 1:449.