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Saints Peter and Paul IIIF Get a closer view of this artwork
Saints Peter and Paul (first half of the 17th century)
Saints Peter and Paul (first half of the 17th century)
Public Domain
Attributed to Pietro Antonio Novelli
Artist Dates
Artist Nationality
Saints Peter and Paul
first half of the 17th century
oil on canvas
72.4 x 89.6 cm (28-1/2 x 35-1/8 in)
K Number
Sheldon Museum of Art
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Mrs. Edmund March Wheelwright, née Elizabeth Brooks [d. 1913], Boston; John Brooks Wheelwright [1897-1940], Boston. (Ivan Podgoursky); sold to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation on 3 May 1948 as Caravaggio; gift to the Sheldon Museum of Art, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in 1964, no. U-435-K.

Catalogue Entry

Attributed to Pietro Antonio Novelli
Saints Peter and Paul

Lincoln, Nebr., University of Nebraska, Study Collection (U-435-K), since 1964. Canvas. 28 1/2 x 35 1/8 in. (72.4 x 89.6 cm.). Good condition. Exhibited as Caravaggio(1) and published as by an Italian follower of Caravaggio,(2) or by Terbrugghen,(3) K1535 is probably to be associated more convincingly with the followers of Ribera. It should be compared, for expression as well as composition, with a painting of the same subject in the Strasbourg Museum which has been attributed to Ribera,(4) to Gerard Douffet,(5) and, more convincingly, to Pietro Novelli.(6) K1535 seems to lack something of the elegance of Novelli: compare, for example, the St. John the Evangelist attributed to Novelli in the Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Florida, a figure whose rapt expression, however, is very like that of St. Paul in K1535. Provenance: Mrs. E. M. Wheelwright, Boston –exhibited: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, on various occasions, as Caravaggio. John Brooks Wheelwright –exhibited: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, on various occasions, as Caravaggio; Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge. Mass., as Caravaggio. Brooks Wheelwright. Ivan N. Podgoursky's, New York. Kress acquisition, 1948.


(1) See Provenance. (2) Art Journal. vol. XXIV, 1964. p. 46. (3) J. van Opstal. in Art Journal vol. XXIV, 1965, p. 284. The attribution to Terbrugghen is called 'without merit' by J. Slatkes. in Oud Holland. vol. LXXXI. 1966, p.185 n.55. (4) Catalogue of the museum, 1912 ed., no. 352, as Ribera; 1938 ed., no. 103, as Gerard Douffet. The Strasbourg painting is reproduced by E. du Gué Trapier. Ribera, 1952. fig. 170. as by Douffet. (5) See note 4, above. (6) A. L. Mayer. in Gazette des Beaux-Arts, vol. XXVII. 1945. p. 91.

Catalogue Volume

Italian Paintings XVI – XVIII Century