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Bernardo Bellotto


Bernardo Bellotto, sometimes called Canaletto, his uncle's nickname. Venetian School. Born 1720; died 1780. He was a pupil of his uncle Antonio Canal (Canaletto), with whom he seems to have been closely associated in Venice, also probably for a short period in Rome (c. 1742), and then until his (Bellotto's) final departure from Venice, in 1744. After brief periods of work in other Italian cities, he went, in 1747, to Dresden, where he became court painter. For briefer periods of activity he was in Vienna and Munich, and finally he was very active in Warsaw, where he remained from 1767 until his death. From the beginning, the great influence in his development was that of his uncle, from whom he is distinguishable by a more objective, realistic presentation of his subjects. His contrasts of light and shadow are sharper than Canaletto's, his fusion of colors less subtle, and the general effect of his views more pano­ramic and less atmospheric. Yet the quality of his paintings reaches such a high plane that some of them – especially from his early, Italian period – have until almost the present been catalogued among Canaletto's characteristic oeuvre.
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